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The expansion of the E-commerce market share is marked by the rise of the new technologies facilitating our lives. The digital revolution is constantly changing the consumer behaviour and needs and it's unlikely to slow down. The temptation of creating your own website in order to enjoy some of the billions generated by this sector is strong, but risky. Although the concept might seem easy to engage in, you should know that many sites are destined to fail each year. To avoid any pitfalls (or quitting), Adizee strongly suggests you follow these 4 tips if you want to make a successful E-business.

1.   Choose a suitable platform for your needs
To put up an e-commerce website, you have two options :

-  Either you choose a CMS platform (content management system) : a software that manages the creation and facilitates the upload of documents (for instance, PrestaShop, Magento)
- Or you choose the solution with a web development Framework

The CMS or Content Management System is the easiest tool to use and is quick to set up. It offers a turnkey solution and everything is included in the package: basket management, purchasing tunnel, connections to payment providers. However, the package is not customizable, the website must adapt to the drawbacks of this system.
If you want a more customized solution, it will turn to the specific development under Framework, although less technically simpler but more comprehensive.

2. Find a web host that suits you best
If you do not want your website to collapse from the first spike of traffic, you need to find a suitable host with the number of visitors you have planned. Whatever your goal is, your website will require to generate traffic in order to increase your sales.

 It is essential that this traffic is properly managed. The quality of the web host depends on its technical infrastructure. Its optimization has to be applicative and architectural and it’s linked to several settings : a dedicated server, an available memory, the number of microprocessors, the size of accommodation, the speed of CDN (Content Delivery Network) to deliver type of image files and video content ... All of the criteria depends on the functional use of your website by users. There are currently many web hosts that offer many advantages.

3. Find the best design
The design of your website will make a huge difference. What is a good design though?
The design of your website should be modern, clear, with simple content, but also with a touch of originality that would attract users. Do not forget the ‘responsive design’ which helps facilitate the access on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)
4. Improve your performance

The statistics have proven that if your website is too slow, your sales will only decrease. (too obvious isn’t it?)

The speed of your loading is the key to the viability of your website, your company, and the trust of the user. The performance of your website reflects your business, and the success of your e-commerce depends on the mastery of technicalities. We suggest you to surround yourself with people who master their skills and who will ensure you success on the long term.

As quoted "More people fail not because they lack knowledge or talent but because they quit. It's important to remember two words: persistence and resistance. Persist in what must be done and resist what ought not to be done. "

Sarah Bargach,

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